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Mckinney-Vento & COVID-19
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Save Your District Money!

by keeping teachers in the classroom, with savings up to $50 per teacher, $1,250 per school, or $15,000 per district!

Satisfy Federally Mandated Compliance Requirements

As mandated under the federal McKinney Vento Act and authorized under ESSA

Improve Identification and Student Outcomes for Homeless Youth

Change Lives!


The Level 1 McKinney-Vento Liaison Credentialing Course provides comprehensive and ESSA mandated training for anyone fulfilling the role of homeless liaison for their school or district. Based on the Every Student Succeeds Act, the Level 1 course topics include identification, enrollment, dispute resolution, transportation, and more. Liaisons learn about their duties under the law, gain permanent access to everyday resources they can use right away, and complete assessments along the way to earn a certificate. Coordinators and district admin can monitor progress, with automated and easy reporting specifically designed around your states requirements.

The Level 2 McKinney-Vento Liaison Credentialing Course provides a deeper understanding of compliance for ESSA requirements and helps Liaisons move from a basic understanding of the law to meaningful practice in helping move students toward stability and success.

The McKinney-Vento Essential Staff Training Courses aims to equip all school personnel with professional development and training to heighten their awareness of, and capacity to respond to specific problems in the education of homeless children and youths (a requirement of the McKinney Vento Homeless Youth Act).  Specific courseware is available for each staff position in any public district or charter. After completing the course, school staff will know who their own district liaison is, and everyone will be ready to connect homeless students and their families to critical resources and services. By educating every essential staff member in the school system, we are arming our homeless liaisons with additional ambassadors to ensure the educational excellence and success of our children, youth, and families experiencing homelessness.

 Essential Staff Course Catalog
Annually updated for ESSA standards and customized per your state requirements

MV Essential Staff  – General Overview An overview of Mckinney Vento that all Essential Staff will view prior to taking their career specific course.
MV Essential Staff – Administration Principals, Superintendents, School Leaders, School Boards
MV Essential Staff – Extracurricular Staff Coaches, Assistants, P.E. Teachers, Custodians
MV Essential Staff – Counselors School Counselors, Social Workers, School Psychologists, Nurses
MV Essential Staff – Early Childhood Child Care and Preschool Directors, Classroom Teachers
MV Essential Staff – Food Service Directors and Line Staff
MV Essential Staff – Enrollment School Secretaries, Pupil Accounting, and Registrars
MV Essential Staff –  Media Centers and Librarians School Librarians, Media Specialists, Directors
MV Essential Staff – Special Education Directors, Teachers, Paraprofessionals
MV Essential Staff – Title I Coordinators, State & Federal Program Supervisors, Title I staff
MV Essential Staff – Transportation Directors, Coordinators and Drivers



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About Us

We are a team of educators and impact entrepreneurs looking to equip our Mckinney-Vento liaisons with the tools and resources to drive change and impact the lives of our homeless youth across the country. 



What People are Saying

 The biggest piece, in my opinion, is that it has addressed the capacity issue for Liaisons. Many LEAs’ Admin staff who were doing MV finally realized they can’t do the Liaison’s job without these tools!”

As a grant coordinator, I am getting fewer basic questions from liaisons because the course has given them the basic knowledge needed to answer simple questions and is leading them to deeper thinking and deeper questions.

We have 15 more LEAs reporting homeless students than ever before! Many LEAs that already did report homeless students are reporting an increase this year. NM Data Reporting (after only 6 months using the program); 10% more LEAs reporting, which has resulted in 137 more students identified after taking Liaison Credentialing online course.”